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-What inspired you to become an interior designer?
From a very young age I was always rearranging my room, painting it, deciding on a new theme. It was constantly something I was trying to improve. When it came time to choose a career I read many course descriptions and when i finally came upon Interior Design & Decor I knew that was for me.
- Where did you learn to become an interior designer?
At George Brown College in Toronto.
-Describe your creative process.
Our creative process is 100% driven and inspired by our clients. During a client's initial consultation we are able to get a good sense of what the client's style is. Once we understand this, we begin sourcing inspiration images, these might include, fashion, textures, still life and of course interiors. Over the first couple of weeks, we begin creating a Virtual Moodboard and Schematic Concepts.
-What is the most important factor when designing a space?
There are many factors that are important but I think the most important to us here at TCD is that the home is reflective of the client's style.
-What's your signature style and what led you to this style?
I would say, as a company and brand, that we do not have a "signature style" and that has been on purpose because every project is unique and is dictated by the client. This is why our portfolio is so diverse. We truly aim to achieve a one-of-a-kind look for each and every client. On a personal level, I really love the Caribbean aesthetic, high ceilings, lots of natural lights, neutrals but always with some accent colours. Naturally, growing up in the Caribbean, you have an appreciation for Caribbean Architecture and that has been something that has been a constant for me despite living and studying in Canada for over a decade.
-How do you ensure your projects quotes are as close as possible?
We currently have the option of a client choosing whether to use our team or theirs for the "build out and outfitting". One of the reasons we encourage potential clients to use our team from design to completion is because that way, we have full budgetary and quality control for the project.
- Do you believe in DIY Projects?
Absolutely, I believe there are many projects that can be achieved on your own. I would suggest, however, that these projects are smaller and have minimal structural changes as doing an extensive renovations without expert advice can end up costing you twice as much.
- Would you describe yourself more of a planner and organizer or do it yourself person?
I am 100% a TYPE A Personality, I plan and prefer to be organised both personally and professionally.
- How do you present your designs?
We use a multitude of tools, including Power Point for our Moodboards and Sketch Up for all of our 3D Visuals.
- What app do you use to bring your ideas together?
We don't really use apps but more complex programs like Sketch Up, Auto Cad, PhotoShop, etc.

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